Comment on: Tactical Combat Robot
September 8, 2020 16:35

Hello Dear Friend,

I am here to give you my support but alas I want you to heed my opinions;
Whereas the Idea is extremely good, I want to address future plans to upscale a model which can be used in actual military application, this can either be achieved on computer software programs or irl.

As of right now, the prototype is UNFIT for military application where its wooden structure is WEAK in the terrain of rubble and flames amidst warfare.

September 8, 2020 16:27

Hello Dear Friend,

I am here to give you my support, a most interesting idea, but alas there are some problems I wish you can address;
1. Your scope is too big, I am worried if you try to spread too much at once, It will be immensely difficult
2. Focusing on 1 or 2 idea is a must!

Yours sincerely

Paj Sae-lim