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I hold a Bachelor (Hons) degree in Economics, and a Bachelor Degree in Economics

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Opportunity that will impact the society especially youth at large

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Naemi is a 26 year old lady, since i was 7 years old i used to dance in the school cultural group and sing in school Sunday, i was an A learner in school that i scored 8 awards from my primary to secondary education. I got 7 from dancing, sing. On 15 March 2019 i won as the second best pitcher worth N$ 7000 from SME compete PTY Ltd. entrepreneurship pitching competition. although i achieved two degrees, i never let academic stop me from doing what i always like doing, since i was a child i always had question toward my grand parents about our culture and heritage, of which i find depleting in our days, i enjoy being involved in community activities to empower woman and youth, i had worked along youth that are talented in art and craft but they are not recognized. Scot Irish once said ” a people without knowledge of their culture is like a tree without roots” I believe if we do not do anything our next generation will be like a tree without roots, hence i am going to implement this project to ensure we continue to educate and promote culture and heritage. Furthermore, being an Economics graduate, i have an understanding that tourism is one of the most contributing factor toward the Gross Domestic Products in Namibia. Studying toward Master of Science (MSc) in Economics

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Naemi Likius