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Patricia Nkwane


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BSc computing

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Patricia Oumah Nkwane, Botho university student doing final year in information technology. likes taking part in community outreach projects, volunteered at the Botswana TB isolation clinic, cancer isolation, SOS home, Diacore Gaborone marathon. also a volunteer writer in the school magazine. was raised by a grandmother and i believe i have passion for the people and have a deeper understanding of the elderly people.

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The light house home

Light house home is an organization that intends on providing housing for the old aged and the disabled. The idea came about looking at the fact that in my country most people work in towns and cities and at in most cases the elderly ones are left alone at the villages , pruned to theft, rapists and endangering themselves. Most of the times you will find that a lot of them are also into blood pressure medications and sugar diabetes and because they have no one to take good care of them they end up not taking medication or taking it at the wrong time and even at wrong quantities. the light house is going to provide a home were such can b taken care of, in terms of medication , support at housing with families paying for their stay. they will have to stay with other get to socialize and share experiences and ideas. The organization will employee nurses who will provide necessary first aid help and with medications. they will also be cleaners who will take care of the building and people who will cook for the clients (people in the home). since every pension age person (over 65) is given free access to medication, their medication will be taken from the public clinics free and they also will not have to pay for medications since it will be their public right but then the nurses will be the ones who will make sure that the medications are taken in time and according to the prescription. entertainment measures will be provided as a way to avoid them from being bored of with the light house. The idea is to provide them with a normal life taken care of and given all the necessities of life.

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