August 1, 2018 19:35

Dear All,

Thanks for your messages it has really given me motivation its really inspiring, with or without winning I will push the idea slowly by slowly and I will be back to give you testimony and progress, and I believe with your continued support we will make it, thanks a lot for your support and motivation.

Yours Phiona

August 1, 2018 18:49

This would be a great idea as most countries would be banning all petrol powered vehicles, but with this project many countries will revisit the policy on usage of such cars.

July 27, 2018 14:13

Hello Ronald,

Your idea is very innovative as this will help communities to do farming throughout the year, averting issues of famine in the African region. Keep it up.


July 6, 2018 09:00

Dear Saurabhkumar Chaudhari

Thanks for the positive feedback, What attracted me to this, is that I was given a descent education and my experience with Agriculture is so good, that why I want to share with my community women so that their livelihoods improve greatly.


July 5, 2018 10:15

Dear Onyema,

This is a very good idea as most dreams for students are shattered because of poor career guidance. But am thinking if these children are given career wings right from an early stage it can help mold them into future responsible and productive citizens all the best.

I have also submitted my idea "Enabling Rural Women Add Value To Their Agricultural Produce (Maize)" kindly help me check it out at and advise where necessary, your vote and comment will be invaluable to me My idea, , Please read my idea and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!



July 4, 2018 15:56

Dear Mujahed Mukhtar

I am so proud of your work in Afghanistan and thanks for empowering the youth and I hope to learn alot from you and I believe if youth leadership is empowered we can have better governance and inclusion.

Atukwase Phiona

July 4, 2018 15:47

Dear Friends,

Thanks for believing in me and giving me the courage to push on Nawrath Minda I have looked at your idea and its really fascinating, you have my vota and I just wish you the best.