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Wildlife Conservation and Mountaineer

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Equity financing and partnership in order to change this idea to action plan.

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Paul Deus Hillya with 28 years old. I graduated from College of Africa Wildlife Management-Mweka with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management and also Persuade Professional Certificates in Mountain tour guiding from the College of Africa Wildlife Management-Mweka. I have no awards or recognitions but I’m self-motivated with great passion to bring changes in the community. Sharing is caring for change I believe it is great idea, I want to bring changes through travelling to help community capacity building as a tourism social entrepreneur more than a wealth accumulation. I hope it will create more job opportunities through their aspects because it contains diverse projects within. Sharing is when you become selfless and help others or share something with others. It helps to make a person empathetic, and the person starts to care about others unconditionally. Sharing makes a person build social-skills which are required by a well-adjusted adult. The selfless attitude one develops by sharing is always appreciated by others. The practice of sharing makes you understand when someone else is in need without them telling you the same. Also, sharing gives you a sense of responsibility towards society. When you share, in turn, it shows you care, and people love to be around you for your positive aura. You learn to sacrifice for some greater good to someone else which makes you humble and caring. It could be their time, treasure, talents or it could just be a helping hand through different projects. I want to utilize the knowledge I gained in my field which offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible as well as a source of changes. Note; What will our children say if will found out we knew and did nothing!

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Paul D. Hillya