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I'm an industrial chemist and social entrepreneur who likes to come up with ideas to solve the problems facing the community.

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I am Paul Odhiambo Ongoro, from Kenya and a member of YALI Network Initiative, an alumni(a 4th Cohort) of G-United(Greatness-United), a Commonwealth Correspondent, an industrial chemist, and a social entrepreneur. Through my activities in the community, I was recognized for my selfless services to the community by Ministry of Education of Kenya and I was awarded a national certificate.

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Paul Odhiambo


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Soya Bean Products Company Kenya(SBPCK)

SBPCK will be dealing in manufaturing using soya beans and maize grains as raw materials. Soya bean is chosen beacuse it does well in the area that the company will be located and it is compately utilized in the process to yield desired products. The products of the company will be: Soy-maize blended flour, soy-coffee, soy-oil, soy-biodiesel and soaps. The objectives of the comapny are: To provide nutritious product(food) to its customers .To prevent air,water and land pollution.To provide sustainable energy(biodiesel).

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