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Education, Business management, currently learning Java programming language

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IT experts, programmers and developers, Business consultant

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I am Paul Osama Eboigbe, from Edo state,, Nigeria. Born and raise in the rural community “Evbouwa” near Benin City, a graduate of the University of Benin. I started my entrepreneurship journey when I was still serving the the National youth service scheme called National Youth Service Corps, a one year compulsory service for university abd polytechic graduates. Then I would buy domestic palm oil from my state and ship it to where I was serving in Sokoto state, this I continued after service. PayNow concept came to be whenever I go to bank and see people wasting time standing in long queue just to make cash payment, couple with my parents who would traveled to the city to be able to pay cash into my account, thus PayNow was born!

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Paul Eboigbe