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I am Peneyambeko, 20 years old, Namibian citizen, studying towards my BACHELORS DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCES at Polytechnic of Namibia. Since I grew up and I always wanted to come up with technical applications but unfortunately I grew up at the village, so I could not have access to technological objects such as cell phones, laptops…etc. when I come across Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition I came to realise that this is a dream come true…..I am looking forward to be the best that I can be1

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As I have seen many students and the nation at large lost their material possession such as Money, Cell phones, Laptops, Books and etc. simply because they use analysable padlocks to lock their safes thinking that their properties will be safe enough which is not because the padlocks are easily breakable. I am actually planning to implement a digital program that will be within the safes and connected to the safe owners s cell phone at the same time and when someone tries to break into the safe then the alarm will ring on the safe owners cell phone until when the owner stops the alarm.

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