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I am Penny Liu, a 16 years old Chinese girl currently studying in Singapore. I have recently started to volunteer with a local NGO called Shine for their Reading Odyssey program, where I engage underprivileged students through reading. There,I concerned about children‘s issues,especially children with disabilities, either physical or mental. I think this is where I can contribute to society . After I watched the movie ‘Taare ZameenPar’,I linked it with the problem of“Quality education”. I noticed that autistic children may face a lot of problems. Autistic childs might not be received by schools,and they can not have the same accessibility of education like other kids. According to United Nations data, up to now, more than 70 million people in the world are suffering from autism. About one in 160 children is autistic. I decided to customize a website for them ,with personal online courses. I hope that after the studying at Reborn Academy,each autistic child can maximize their potential and receive a good education, even just staying at home. The courses are also suitable for those autistic childrens who wants to go to school in the future to receive an early intensive behavioral intervention program. I will start this program from my own country – China. Then, I will try to contact rehabilitation centers in other countries to record courses in different languages to internationalize the website. I hope that more children can be educated through my own strength, and I also hope that autistic children can return to normal life after studying at Reborn Academy to help more families and even start school life.

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