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Agribusiness Entrepreneur,Musician,Sound engineer,Producer

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I'm looking for changing and contributing to the alleviation of poverty especially in rural areas,through creation of employment to the marginalized group.

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My name is Peter Danda (27 years old),living in Dodoma Region in Tanzania.currently I’m dealing with entrepreneurship activities mainly in agribusiness,digital music production and studio sound engineer.I’m very passionate and optimistic to see that my society is changing and employment being available.I have completed undergraduate studies in Dodoma University(UDOM) per-suing Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources management. since 2012.I have been participated in various entrepreneurship activities and trainings such as National Economic empowerment competition and training programs(NEEC). I have this idea of Beekeeping development program in rural community simply because the idea is very simple to accomplish by any one and the market and environment is conducive,since this will help to eradicate poverty,hunger and thus creating employment among the marginalized group in rural community.Tanzania is the best place for establishing honey market and it will contribute to National GDP.

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Peter Danda