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Computer Aided Designs (C.A.D), I.C.T, Agriculture, Rural development and Community service

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Information and global networking.

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Being privileged to take part in life transforming seminars geared towards self-discovery and mastery, and in projects like The Jatropha Integrated Energy Scheme ( J.I.E.S) aimed at generating an alternative supply for clean cooking energy for families in the local communities of northern Nigeria, The R3 Compost Manure Project, geared towards transforming biodegradable waste into wealth, in the form of marketable compost manure, I would say life has offered me a precise insight on how to see opportunity in spite a well of overwhelming challenges. Also, being part of an organization of young passionate business and academic leaders, “Enatcus”, has offered myself, the opportunity to develop leadership, team work and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise, in hopes of improving the standard of living of millions around the globe, guided by business and academic leaders. I have a strong determination to cause change and effectively transform the lives of people around me, to effectively use man and resource at my disposal to proffer sustainable solutions, and to form an infallible circle of world changers and future business associates who would be connected globally to engage resource and personnel locally to transform the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy. I am Peter E. Bassey and I am M.A.D (Making A Difference) guess what? I would love to know you!

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Peter Bassey