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Sustainability/Climate actions/Green initiatives

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I'd really appreciate if I'd get support from well meaning individuals, private & public partnerships, as well as other external agencies in the aspect of grants/special fundings, and allocation of barren/desolate lands, for rapid restoration back to a lively ecosystem. Besides that, any form of mentorship that would go a long way towards seeing my idea/project hit limelight in no distant future. Thanks

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Paul is a graduate of B.Sc Geology from the University of Jos, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian by nationality and based in Abuja—the nations capital city.

He’s an emerging creative writer with his flash—Walls of Bones published by the Writers Cafe Magazine #issue 19 “can you dig it.”

His overwhelming interest and zeal in the aspect of sustainability—most especially climate actions, life on land and sustainable city and community, as well as his vast knowledge on these crucial areas makes him unique amongst his peers in the society.

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Paul Onuh