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I am passionate about project management and I have interesting skills in team management and also in the practices of the business model canvas

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I am a young person born in 1996, in a city located east of a huge country in Central Africa (Congo R.D.). Strongly convinced that being born in this country where there is still everything to do is for me a real motive for action. Despite the fatalism and naivety that characterize most young people of my generation, for me to be full of hope and energy gives meaning to life because we are aware that we are the true craftsman of the future. This future where humanity will not be condemned to remain in the barbarity of current times but rather a humanity respectful of the imperatives of sustainability for a peaceful and united living together. This justifies my early activism in actions of social transformation within a center of exchange and reflection for the future and action (PROSPECTIVE in Action) in order to change our society where young people are torn between dreams and disillusionment. In fact, I am not so extraordinary that an atypical course enriched with a sense of optimism that characterizes me. I’m always ready to dare anything no matter what she can listen to me. I have a greatness of vision and interesting abilities of communication and leadership. Passionate about the entrepreneurial management and project management that are my favorite fields, but also by the subject of the knowledge economy and the collaborative economy. I also like research through reading because I always try to search for new knowledge to understand the issues of the world in which I live. My commitment to entrepreneurship is unquestionable, through the academic conferences that my work can revolutionize the vision and the concept of entrepreneurship in the social imaginary. Driven by a great obsession: We must rehabilitate entrepreneurship through the university far from banalizations and caricatures that we make. I believe this project represents an excellent opportunity for me to give even more vitality and enthusiasm to our battle to succeed in creating a more sustainable world like never before and a society full of opportunity for every young person to deploy.