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visual arts, youth organizing, event organizing

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network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating change to address societal problems through innovative and creative means

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i was born and raised in the city of dumaguete, a university hub in the heart of the philippines. while i was studying in silliman university, i was active in civic affairs through my involvement with the justice and peace center as a member of the silliman peace advocates. i was exposed to peace initiatives through workshops and dialogues, community immersion, and art festivals. after being in college for almost a decade taking up journalism and fine arts, i realized that conventional education does not work for everyone, especially myself. the current system at work does not address the basic purpose of education itself, and that is holistic human development;to ultimately know oneself and fulfill the satisfaction of one’s existence. i came to a conclusion that there is a need for an alternative system of education, an alternative lifestyle.

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jae baroña


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Dagsa Alternative Lifestyle Institute

It is in every being's desire to find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. However, the current system which the world is currently operating has created obstacles to achieve that. There is a need for a sustainable global transformation, one that addresses every sphere of societal challenges, a three-folding approach, and the Dagsa Alternative Lifestyle Institute will be a great venue for demonstrating that. Implementing and creating sustainable products, services, and processes is the goal of DALI. DALI springs out of Dagsa, a collective of artists and community-builders. Since its inception, Dagsa, in close partnership with the local government through the Character First!Bayawanihan Program has been actively involved in community development for the City of Bayawan through art workshops, competitions, and athletic tournaments. Around June of 2013, it was starting to explore alternative education for out-of-school youth and children in conflict with the law (CICL's) through skills training in arts and crafts and a sports program. Currently that has come to a momentary pause since the venue was demolished. One of DALIs goal is to empower not just the children and the youth but also their homes and communities. Through Personality Enhancement workshops and innovative livelihood for parents, they will be able to provide for their childrens needs and raise them well in an eco-friendly city. DALI believes that societal transformation can only be achieved if we deal with the challenges of every facet of human condition; ecological, socio-political, economic, and most of all, spiritual.

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