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Dilnaza Karmenova


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I study biology, mathematics and physics in depth. I can create 3D models

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The methods of how can I check the specific heat of combustion (of our biofuel))

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For a long time, she did not know what area is she going to connect her life. Other students already decided what their future life will look like. Meanwhile, there was her who only knew that she must help her mom suffering from cancer of milk glands. She needed firm support in the future, and her daughter tried to do everything to get a perfect education, to get excellent grades. But despite that, she did not stand out among others. Once she decided to participate in a marathon dedicated to the application to foreign universities, and one of the successful alumni told his story of becoming the youngest Forbes participant. This story inspired the girl and proved that people should create their paths, follow the call of their hearts. She studied in the city school, while her mom was in a village. She thought of what she has: there was a bunch of sheep in the backyard, a small amount of coal in the barn, and her mom struggling with a money shortage. So she thought why can’t she help her mom by creating a fuel of what they have.

That is how my idea was born, and I will move forward for my mom and for the sake of all villagers like my mother.