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y name is lisa silwana born and raised in the eastern cape .
I am 20 years of age and am a born free , was part of the class of 2013 in bisho high school
I am currently doing a learner ship in the national youth development agency and part of the nyda Namibian exchange programme .

I am asthmatic which to me is not a obstacle in leaving my live as a young person .
I am currently doing a distance course in community development studies which I believe is my one calling in life . I started working in development at the age of 10 years and grow in the world of development ,I fell in love with youth development and I started my own organisation called Help a student.

Help a student which is a youth organisation which deals with matriculants that are from rural schools and cannot afford to finance their own education in higher learning

Through this initiative we do the following
Ø career guidance
Ø financial assistance after university enrollment
Ø Seek university application fees for these learners
Ø Tuition and exam preparation
Ø Counseling and preparation for final results
Ø Uniform and text book donation
Ø Basics(toiletries ,food, and moral support
Ø Support during the registration period
Ø Seek other opportunities for learners in result of failing Grade12 and graduate program that helps young people to get

I have been mentored by Judy silwana who is my mother and who is working in the community development sector , I have the passed grade 12 and I have a certificate by life line for basic counselling skills I also have a accredited certificate in youth development and basic facilitation skills .I have been part of the following stakeholders zazi condom inactive, aids council ,love life, youth aids . I am very keen to see young people prosper . i was one of the young people to enter gibbs innovative festival and was in the top 20 , was a part of the uni liver entrepreneur for change 2015 awars

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lisa silwana