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Textil industry, project management and improvement of industrial processes.

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Opportunities to obtain finance for my idea.

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25 years old, industrial engineer and trilungual industrikauffrau, 3 years of experience in Bank and Finance, Textil Industry, Project Management and improvement of Industrial Processes.

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Pamela Quintanilla

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In Bolivia and Latinamerica, most existing businesses belong to the micro and small entrepreneurs, mostly artisans; therefore their role in the national economy is very important, because they generate the most jobs. However it is known that these businesses are those that generate lower profits and therefore have a high risk of mortality. This scenario is a result of the high degree of intermediation and little or limited bargaining power. MercadoInclusivo.com aims to reduce the degree of intermediation between the producer (micro or small) and their clients; while increasing the bargaining power of the same, through the use of IT tools (ICT. MercadoInclusivo.com is a virtual platform that will allow to the micro and small entrepreneurs to arrive to the customer in a more direct, quick and flexible way; and simultaneously will allow the customer to transmit their needs, desires or requirements quicklier; in other words the customer would have the possibility to get in contact with his provider to ask for exclusive products. Furthermore it will promote the practice of a more just and inclusive trade (fair trade), in order to allow the producer to increase its profits. MercadoInclusivo.com will create export opportunities and strategic alliances; and would advance the search for potential customers, as well as the positioning of the brand in unique market segments.In addition it will sell only products that promote sustainability.

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