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Prabod Munasinghe


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Generation i

As a student who is benefited from free education of Sri Lanka I have responsibility to give my 100% commitment to the country through my skills and talents. Therefore I have determined to be an entrepreneur and start my own fashion label Generation i which is creating job opportunities and raising my country values. Government of Sri Lanka has planned to take forward tourism as major foreign exchange earner in 2016. They are hoping to attract high end tourists to the country by promoting nature, heritage, Ayurveda, spa, etc. So my brand is using societal marketing concept by using proactive marketing strategy to delight Western European high end tourists, who are brand conscious and like to experiment high quality products. Combining traditional industries such as hand loom, hand knitting, crochet, cane and handmade jewelry to the production line will help to develop rural areas of country. So this strategy can satisfy customer and society both at one time. Generation i will be introducing with new concept named GIT G Green [herbal values, ethical production] I Innovations [innovative fabric mixing, silhouettes, styling, textile developments] T Technology [bonding, Laser cutting,] All products will have green (herbal treated) inside and innovative, technological and stylish outlook. They will give herbal values such as buffering clothing dermatitis, buffering breast cancer possibilities, anti-bacterial and increase fairness. Tourists are coming to enjoy Sri Lanka. They will delight from this garment range and at the same time it will be helpful to reach government targets and goals. All products features such as bonding, Laser cutting and health concerning performance of garments are highly competitive with other products in the market and we can make good impression all over the world and make a trend towards herbal values added garments through my fashion label Generation I .

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