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Electronics Engineering , Travel and Tourism

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I am always looking for innovation and Different ways to travel eco footprint free as much as we can.

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My name is Prajakta Alase, I am 29 years old. I am born and brought in a small Indian village called “Kurundwad” in state “Maharashtra”. I have raised in a village full of nature, organic food from farms, milk from our beloved cows and buffalo’s having life with basic necessity. I completed my engineering and started working in an IT field. Since childhood, I have always loved travelling and exploring new places. I moved to Germany 3 years back to work with company called ” Vattenfall” which produces Green Energy in Europe with as less as Co2 emission. and travelling on every weekend on less budget became part of life. Travelling taught me so many lesson, one of the biggest lesson is to respect environment while exploring the world if you want next generation to see that beauty as well. So I started following every step I can for sustainable travelling and to look for more ways to make it better. This lead me to apply for Masters in “Sustainable Tourism” at well known “Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality” at Barcelona. I am hoping to encourage more people for sustainable travelling or make the world better and livable for next generations as well.

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Prajakta Alase