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Prajwal Bhattarai


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Project Management & Program Design

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I am looking forward to provide a platform for the students to improve, enhance, their academic level, to make argument, advocacy for development on academic culture, develop strategies through new skills on issues relating the active Citizenship, Empowering the Girls & Women, expression of disabled and looking beyond man-made barriers of race, religion and nationalities for common good of all through voice and in political and legal issue. Digitalization of Academics along with various innovative training, tournaments, workshops along along with policy level panel discussion. I do aim to create avenues for out of school children to access education through an integrated approach that enhance the structural, systematic and school factors that influence education and thus strengthen the capacity of students in academic career.

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Prajwal Bhattarai has been engaged in various programs as coordinator and involved in several organizations. On Behalf of leading positions, he has been involved national and international wide to talk about the role of youth in nation-building and youth leadership, inspiration, start-ups along social entrepreneurship. He started his career in academic activism as a project coordinator and worked with various professionals and new aspirants to provide a platform for creativity. Being a Socio – Academic activist, he does advocacy for having good quality education by putting these remarkable innovations and creating a mindset in terms of technology, where he could provide and share ideas and techniques for creating great youth leaders for tomorrow. He also works for gender equality, educational equity, and youth empowerment for positive change as development. His potential, skills, and experience make him deserving of the platform. He possesses transferable skills that can be utilized in every role where he performs. He has been striving to know about skills and set targets for improving them to maximize the horizon for positive impact. Prajwal has 7 years of experience in youth activism working with diversified communities that induce youths, rural society, politicians, activists, leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, businessmen with unbridled desire to change the lives of people through his projects and visions. Mr. Bhattarai was Campus Representative at The Law Learner, Legal Wing & HULT Prize. He is Youth Ambassador at International Youth Society and Country Ambassador at World Voice International and Smile4Million. He serves as deputy leader at Global Law Thinker Society and Country Director at United Youth for Sustainable Globe. Mr. Bhattarai is a multiple world record holder enthusiastic who is motivated about working and prioritization of tasks along with time management. He takes every opportunity to work in groups and communicate with people from every sector which has always been his scope of art. Making a note, he digs deep and figures something to make himself able to recognize areas of his strengths. He has been working for several philanthropic services and developments. Moreover, he is involved in activities that have been valued as social promotions. Mr. Bhattarai is the founding president of Scholastic Foundation Nepal, Founder of Delight Group Nepal; social entrepreneurship platform, and Aviyanta Global Consults. He is Global program coordinator of Center for Rule of Law Nepal and Hamro Law; Legal Startup where he is engaged in legal research, legal database, Legal programs and creation of legal courses and training on Nepal and across the region. He is currently working on various national and international organizations being in a leadership position through national and international level managing projects and advocating for positive change and development. He is also engaged as Local Coordinator at Students for Liberty which conducts various discussions and platforms for liberty related programs, sessions and training. He has been actively functioning to introduce and spread the essence and need public speaking, digitalization, parliamentary debates, awareness, social work, innovative academic programs, and so on. Furthermore, he would like to introduce himself as a creative enthusiastic working for the development of ideas, content writer, visual arts, animations, video editing, and literary works.