Comment on: Medmitians
July 19, 2021 14:17

I would like to point out 1 thing this does more than that!

1> Black marketing
2> Hoarding
3> Racism
and also provides *touch-free* medicines.

And as for generic medicines, it isn't possible we won't fill medicines!
Hospitals will do it, and private hospitals will always look for profits, it will be low, but can't be so less!

But again, it will have more discount and other salient features like
1. Better Stocks
2. 24*7 availablity

among others!

Comment on: Medmitians
July 14, 2021 07:55

Yeah, that is 100% true racism is definitely a salient feature among preventing prime and highlighted problems of black marketing, hoarding whilst providing touch-free medicines!