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Gravity and Gravitational Waves

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Funding for my project Human Teleportation

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Six years back I started with a small idea of dust with a vision to make human teleportation a reality. Since I did not have a predefined road to my ambition so I needed to create one using unconventional methods. I started by redefining gravity in my paper titled “Kaushal and Gravity”. I then started working upon wave-particle duality and experimentally proved quantum physics incorrect in my paper titled “Wave-Particle Duality?”. I got some more publications (Shadows, Medicine and Targets) until a German publisher; Scholar’s Press gave me an opportunity to write a book based on my publications. That was a great opportunity and I wanted to make the best of it. I then proposed a unified theory; “Theory of Special Connectivity” which contains an underlying theory and prototype for human teleportation. I have also mathematically and experimentally proved my theory in his papers like “Gravity, Probability and Consciousness”, “Kaushal Electronics” and “Experiment for Theory of Special Connectivity”. I have also given a different explanation to Albert’s general relativity experiment and my findings were published in paper titled “Introduction to Consciousness”.

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