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Nzube Promise Boniface


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Engineering, Consultancy, Sustainability, Business, Innovations

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My name is Nzube Promise Boniface. I am an innovative and hardworking Mechanical Engineer with proven Leadership, Organisational, Management and strong English communication skills. I graduated with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Adnan Menderes University Aydin, Turkey. I am entrepreneur. I created the business “Pworld Consults.” The company is at it’s early stage; I started rendering services to clients over 2 years ago, then I was still doing my bachelors degree. Owing to my passion for business, I acquired a certificates of achievement online in marketing, project management, leadership for engineers and management and leadership to learn valuable skills about my business. I want to go fully into imports, exports, sales, distribution, marketing, consultancy, recruitment and so on. This is what my company is about. I am also passionate about sustainability and the environment. As the world faces mega-trends such as climate change and increased chemical emissions that pose threats to environmental stability in the future, and with increased pollution concerns over non-renewable energy resources like crude oil, natural gas etc. the experimental study of carbon-free combustion is essential in the coming decades.
My fascination for energy has been longstanding. One of the areas I would like to explore is renewable energy. Due to emissions of fossils into the atmosphere from burning greenhouse gases. I’m planning to carry out a project on the topic “Simulation of Sustainable Energy for Fuel Cell System.” Using renewable energy sources instead of the non-renewable ones will go a long way in reducing or mitigating these emissions in our environment thereby enhancing clean technology; a common argument for expanding renewable energy sources is that technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines are responsible for far less carbon dioxide than power plants that burn fossil fuels. Wind energy is also a topic to be understudied in Africa especially in Nigeria due to the uncertainty in the future of oil and gas and their pollution effects. Wind energy is among the world’s fastest-growing sources of renewable energy as it is a clean, widely distributed energy resource that is abundant, has zero fuel cost, emissions-free power generation technology.