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Project Management; Blockchain; Entrepreneurship; Design; Front End Development; Language; Culture; Music; Agribusiness; Management

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Being a cosmopolitan and change makers from Haiti, I have an affinity for creating positive changes either in my country or somewhere else. Particularly, in business. I am alumnus of the U.S. Department of State (Global UGRAD), founder and CEO of YAE, and participant of ITSB 2018 of Martinique Tech in Fort de France. In 2016, I have created the “Youth Adventure Entrepreneurs,” a hybrid organization made up of young entrepreneurs and professionals. Here is a link of my work featured in the Global Gazette, “http://blog.worldlearning.org/global-gazette/2018/04/01/haiti-alumni-update-by-widens-pierre/.” I have relevant community-based experiences which amplify my ability to help hundreds of youth in diverse segment to start their own businesses. During the Winter, I was able to mentor highschool students in building innovative pitch decks for either Diamond Challenge and Hult Prize Foundation. I have been working since 2010; and I have numerous volunteer experiences with great businesses and international NGOs as well.

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Widens Pierre


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