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We are Qero, an interdisciplinary team of peruvians young university students from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, we are looking to be effective agents of change in our society in a context of uncertainty that our country and the entire world is facing due to the covid 19 ,which certainly have changed our way to live. Because of the Covid-19 situation, the unemployment rate has increased and we have identified one of the most affected fields is ambulatory commerce; which represents an important source of economic income for many families ,mostly poor.
We propose a model with a franchise bias (Qero brand) that seeks to generate work through kiosks selling breakfast based on natural and Peruvian ingredients such as quinoa, maca, oats, which are highly valued worldwide for their high nutritional content. First, the franchiser will be provided with a differentiated breakfast kiosk with ergonomic measures taking into account the average height of the Peruvian we will provide support during the municipal licensing stage, as well as consulting and continuous supervision according to the needs of the franchisee in search of its development

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Qero Peru