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Soil, Fertilizer, Lime, Water and plant analyst- Chemical Fertilizer formulation and Liquid Organic producer

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Need Technical support to expand business and reach out to small scale farmers failing to buy the expensive chemical fertilizers. Specializing legume fertilizers to be main focus

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My experience equally extends to many research programs by scientists where I played a lead role in soil sampling and analysis for different Research programs like
a. Zinc Deficiency Research in Maize in Southern Province
b. Liming trials in Misamfu, Katito –Mbala, Mafinga and Solwezi
c. Introduction of green manures in Kaoma District
d. Phosphorus uptake in some Specific problematic soils of Mochipapa and Kabwe
e. Japan Bio Farm Conventional Fertilizer coupled with organic matter trials in Mansa, Samfya, Mkushi, Kabwe and Choma
f. Specific fertilizer formulation trials for benchmark soils in Zambia
g. Investigating Conventional compound fertilizers trials against Blended fertilizers
h. Evaluation of mine tailings as an agricultural liming product etc

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Rabby Banda