July 28, 2019 05:49

Peace everybody.I'm happy tout see various people from different zone thinking about their countries future as well as world.To me,my own idea is to help poor patients not only in my country but around the world,as derecting the drug sector in a proper way.
Please share with me your opinion.

July 27, 2019 23:04

Hello friends.I'm here to be beside each one through my comments and vote.Let' us join hands and forces to change this world.
I see that everybody of us have a great idea which would make people lives better.
Good luck eveybody.Do not give up.Let us do it together.
Comment and vote.
I will share you all subsequently.

July 27, 2019 20:43

Hello friends.Let 'us share comments and likes with each other.All suggested ideas are amazing,special,and benificial.
Our objective is to change world through our ideas.

July 27, 2019 20:35

Hello friend.I like your idea as well as your way thinking.You are such ambious person who wants tout create and change.
All of us here to support each other becuase we have the same dream and objective.keep making comments on each other idea.Let 'us join hands and forces to lead world toward better.
#Vote &comment

Comment on: the conservatory
July 26, 2019 23:16

Hello Shailly.I\'m exited about your idea.It is deserved to be voted.
My support to you.
Let us vote and help each other.It is our way to change and improve our lives and develop our world.

Comment on: the conservatory
July 26, 2019 23:10

Hello Ornessa.I'm Rachida from Algeria.It is situated in north Africa.I have 27 years old and I'm a teacher of English.I really like your idea specially becuase it is focus on young people.As one of this group I believe that young people are the strongest power that can change the world to better.
You can visit my profile and tell me what is your opinion about my idea.