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At present,i am doing computer science engineer course[final year].Iwant to work as a volunteer for woman empowerment , baby care services and global environment.

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I want need support from public especially richest persons for the successful running of my project for the welfare of poor families, At present i have no money needed for my project, i have only innovative and systematic creative thinking.

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Gender:- Female
AGE:- 22 years ,DATE OF BIRTH [ 02 September,1992 ]
Email:- rachitaka[email protected]
Address:- House-336, Ward-14,
Near markanda printing press,
Shahabad markanda-136135
At present , i am the student of computer science engineering course[final year]. I want to adopt my career as a computer teacher and to work for female computer learning. And as a volunteer i want to work for global environment, upliftment of poor women in our society. I am 22 years old . my father is a shop-keeper and my mother is house-wife.

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rachita kansal


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India is most populated nation in the world, where birth rate is very high.As babies grow very fast day by day, they need clothes of different size according to the growth of their body.As the maximum people of india are very poor, it is very difficult for them to purchase baby clothes according to the needs of their children. Babies grow very fast.As babies grow out of their clothes in few months, then our serviceCARING BABY would help parents by providing them baby clothes for fixed fee/charges per month on rental basis.Our centre "CARING BABY" will provide only eco-friendly baby clothing made of all natural 100% cotton and bamboo fibres.

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