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agriculture, organic-farming, farmer, fair-trade business

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I'm looking for a donor to make it true. Also, i need a guidance for market analysis especially for EU and US market.

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My name is Rahmat. I am graduated as bachelor of Agriculture majoring Soil Science in Universitas Padjadjaran. It is easy for me to read a problem than solve it with a new idea outside the box. Also, i’m good at communicating and marketing a product. My ideas are flexible regarding to the condition, so i am one of the good planner. When i was in college I’ve experienced to run a business especially for street food models. It is worked, but forced down because business and study shouldn’t be joined at the same time.

Fresh and New Idea has lead my way. Strong will, honesty and good links (friends/team) always completing my succeed. Failure shouldn’t be something that has to be frightened about. Because i am still young and it can be good lesson for the future. Helping farmers is the main reason for me as an agriculturist and sustainable development using agricultural sector as a basis is my goal.

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Rahmat Muhammad