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Radhika Batra


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I am a pediatrician and a health expert. My expertise lies not just in my ability to treat patients, but also in my empathy and compassion that has enabled me to identify urgent issues and find sustainable solutions for them. I know that I am very good at communications, and my writing and public speaking skills are outstanding.

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I am looking for partners to join the fight against disease and poverty, and to ensure health inequalities. I need funding to take my project to scale, and local partners in developing countries to implement my project.

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I am the Founder and President of Every Infant Matters, a not-for-profit for providing last-mile health to disadvantaged children. Its flagship program is preventing blindness by dispensing free Vitamin A to malnourished and marginalized children. Projects are implemented by doctors, nurses and medical students who volunteer their time. The beneficiaries are street children, children in slums and villages, children of construction workers, in orphanages, and those in hard to reach areas. The geographical areas are India & Nigeria.
I am also a Contributor at Project Syndicate, published commentary titled “Taking vaccines the last mile” (https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/global-immunization-coverage-last-mile-vaccine-delivery-by-radhika-batra-2019-02). This has been translated into 13 local languages and been published in 26 countries, over 31 media outlets, including Forbes Kazakhstan, Les Echos ( France) , Khaleej Times ( UAE), Irish Examiner, Times of Oman etc. Also been published by the World Economic Forum as a blog. (https://fr.weforum.org/agenda/2019/02/acheminer-les-vaccins-aux-localites/)
I am the winner of Johnson and Johnson Scholarship to attend the One Young World Summit, The Hague as a Delegate speaker, 2018. Gave a talk in the plenary ‘Changing the trajectory in health for humanity’, where she spoke on burning issues of childcare & blindness prevention in children. (https://www.jjcct.org/scholar/radhika-batra/)
I have been a Huffington Post Contributor since August 2016- Published articles titled “Anger-will it leave you lamenting?” and “Organ Donation-Yours tryst with immortality” (https://www.huffpost.com/author/rads-batra-545)
I am also a Guest Author at Thrive Global- Founded by Ariana Huffington, it is the world’s largest digital media platform that curates and dispenses omni-channel content on wellbeing.