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radhouan ayadi


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IT, farming, HR, project managment,

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networking,sharing knowledg

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Radhouan Ayadi, 31 years old
Tebourba, TUNISIA

Radhouan has Ten years experiences in a profit sector, also four years of experiences in a nonprofit sector. He earned a License in IT Applied to Management from the Superior School of Commerce of Tunis.
He is currently the co-founder and executive director of Biofire a startup that is valuing agro-forestry waste as a renewable energy source. He is the general director and founder of ABS an HR agency where he got to develop excellent time management and organizational skills. He was the administrative and financial officer of Chanouf Company.
He is currently accompanying young social entrepreneurs with the RISE program founded by UNIDO and CRT Foundation. He participated in several international programs on green and social entrepreneurship with organizations such as UNIDO. He is an International Youth Ambassador with the Nepal Youth Parliament. He was an active member of AISEC where he had the experiences to be in the organization committee for national event, and he is the treasurer of JST a local football team since 2017 where he was managing all the accounting of the club.
His top skills are creative thinking, leadership, risk-taking, strong work ethic, and decision making. He is passion about social entrepreneurship and aims to create a positive impact on his society by promoting agro forestry waste as a source of renewable energy.

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