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Slum areas are a fact that we cannot deny in developing countries, families live in houses made of tin sheets, stones or wood. Roofs are steel sheets, cardboards or wood. Houses lack proper ventilation, insulation, sanitation and they are overcrowded. All these factors affect the residents physically and mentally. I have worked in slum areas for nine years and I am up to solving this issue. My social enterprise, Hand Over, seeks to empower architecture and civil engineering students along with the local residents of slum areas and together they will design and build sustainable houses for slum areas in Egypt. A comprehensive internship program will be delivered to the students, which will be prepared by a group of local and international experts. It will introduce them to the sustainable techniques of construction. At the same time, the local residents will receive workshops for the implementation techniques and together, they will apply what they have learned by building the houses. The houses will be built with the Rammed Earth Technique. It is an ancient building technique, where the main building components are sand, mud and gravel, mixed with water. It proved to be durable, affordable and provides a better living condition to the residents of the houses. Our main objectives are: - Providing humane housing for low-income families - Engaging the community and empowering them with the needed knowledge - Widening the scope of the undergraduates and allow them to discover new fields within their area of interest. Currently, I collaborated with an Egyptian NGO that is working in developing slum areas in Egypt, They are working in a project called Ezbet project (http://www.ezbet-competition.com/) and my project will be a sub-division from the big vision that aims in renovating the whole area of Abu-Qarn district in Cairo, Egypt

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