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raghav aggarwal


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Create the greatest impact with least effort- Swapbook

Swapbook tackles the issue of wastage of used books. In India, more than 2 million books are thrown away and we look at this as wastage of knowledge.Considering the fact that in India each year countless students drop out of school because of their inability to pay for school books. We have created a model which allows customers to give their books and buy books for almost free. In the process, the books which cannot be sold but are readable shall be donated to the needy and the customer who gave the books shall be informed of how his/her books are being given away. We conducted a survey where we found that people generally keep the books in their shelves after reading and after some time sell it to the junk dealer. Swapbook does not alone help the poor who cannot afford books but also targets a huge unorganized sector. For example, sellers sell used books that they bought at per kg basis on the footpaths at price they get/feel comfortable. We also plan to create many jobs and help create an environment for reading and learning. Even in the age of the kindle real books are still in huge demand, re utilizing these books to allow the spread of knowledge becomes excessively important, printing a single book is roughly equal to cutting one full grown tree, the math is simple 2 million trees can be conserved each year if we take this idea further.

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