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Having been brought up in Kibera Slum for 26 years, I realized that no change has taken place in terms of improving sanitation, garbage collection, and recycling; yet the problem and population keeps growing. Having the knowledge of my home area and with my skills, I found out that this project will not only change the livelihood of the community but also will create a conducive environment too. I graduated from high school in Nariobi Milimani, after which I joined Kenya Institute of Professional Studies to earn my diploma in Community Development and Social Work. I am an active member of Usalama Bridge Youth Group, which is the organization that I would use to help implement the project. Usalama is a recognized by and a member of Nairobi Youth Council (NYC), an umbrella organization working to bring together all youth groups around Nairobi together for different programmes in the government.

Through trainings on waste management and entrepreneurship, the projects will have helped many youth businesses which will help to curb unemployment through youth-led enterprises.

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Samuel Opondo


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KIBERA GARBAGE COLLECTION NETWORK: creating responsible and improved alternatives to slum waste man

This project is based in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya. It seeks to develop and grow the several dozen youth groups/businesses that informally manage waste management throughout Lindi and Laini Saba Villages in the settlement. Youth-led waste management in Kibera lacks responsible movement of household garbage to legal dumping sites. The poor system and communication among these youth groups leads responsible household garbage collection from Lindi and Laini Saba to be irresponsibly dumped into unused open space or into the river. This idea capitalizes on already existing youth activity, and connects them with services, training and partnering municipal agencies which will help formalize and expand the reach and efficiency of waste management in Kibera Slum. Kibera Garbage Collection Network (KGCN) will coordinate youth groups to gather their garbage to one central location where (1) garbage reaches a safe municipal dumping site out of the local environment, (2) recyclable/ reusable materials (e-waste, organic waste) and bio-hazardous waste are sorted, sold, reused, or responsibly disposed. Our group will also alliance with the local government to provide transportation of non-recyclable waste to a formal dumping site, out of Kibera. Our objective is to ensure positive environmental impacts in Lindi and Laini Saba Villages through improving the coordination and effectiveness of youth waste management enterprises.

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