September 24, 2020 14:31

Dear Adrit Rao,

Your Idea is great and Have the potential to bring a huge impact in the world. i like a technology person, but I/m a huge believer that technology is great for human beings. And I believe it/s not the technology that changes the world. It/s the dreams behind the technology that change the world. Honestly speaking I like your passion.

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Comment on: Preventing pandemics
August 18, 2020 10:39

Hello Miss Comfort

thank you for you vote and comment miss need for your support always
Congratulations on your idea! It has meaning and it can brainstorm solutions to work for a better world.
You have to know that in thinking of a better world, we have fantastic ideas.
But how do we present these ideas to society? We want to integrate into the entrepreneurial world.
From all this, we want to help, innovate, reform according to the objective of our ideas.
You have to know that we must take care to control our ideas, put them out well, know the consequences, take sustainability into.
wish you best luck for future hope you be top 10 .

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Comment on: Simple School
August 9, 2020 08:18

thank you miss Comfort , Blossom , Naura and Ephraim for your suggestion and objections about my idea i add my business model and implementation that is make better my idea i wait for you suggestion to be have good and strong idea i wish you support my idea by your vote and comment thank you .

Comment on: Internapp
July 18, 2020 10:05

I like your idea nice to read and know about it hope it be run successful in this situation we need for that app the COVID-19 have bad impact on education,job and business that is every people needed for that thank you.

Comment on: Simple School
July 14, 2020 09:29

Dear All thank you for your comment and vote i see for your more support.

i try to build my weakness about this idea i wait for your more suggestion or objection that my idea impact is better for solve the problem of illiterate thank you.

Comment on: EyDream
July 7, 2020 14:29

Ey Dream program is the best idea for income which can make their lifestyle better for poor people i hope this program run for changing life of people hope it be globally platform for all

Comment on: Simple School
July 7, 2020 08:43

thank you from all for vote and comment and i need for your more support .let me know this idea better for globally if you have any suggestions or objections. feel free to contact me that is my whatsapp number +93798477557

Comment on: Simple School
July 4, 2020 09:04

what you think this Idea will help uneducated people we can get our goal ? let me know in comment if you have any suggestion or question feel free to ask me thank you.we can use this idea for global.