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Randal musenyesa


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venture fund firm

Randal venture fund, is a company that will work with the growth and development of youth and women. This will be done through the provision of financial and other services. For example; Advertising, marketing, franchising, company validity, talent identification and development and planning. The companys aim is to harmonies youth and women SMES under one principal body to better increase its voice.one of its major goals will be to help youths, turn their talents in to successful business How do you solve the Zambian youth unemployment? And increase women participation in business. This is what Invest Africa is here to solve. How this will work is like this: by a number of companies coming together, and contributing a small amount. This will help the organization have its own capital. This money can be accessed by its member companies upon a unanimous vote by the board of directors. This board will consist of 5 members with a term of 2 years. These directors will be picked from leading business minds both locally and internationally. Upon the successful consideration of a members proposal, the member company will have to adhere to the companies management programmes.{implementation programmes} This will not only increase the likelihood of success to the business but also the successful return of the loan at a profit to the company. Even more importantly the company will help the youth / women change their idea of No education no livelihood A member company can only withdraw a limited amount of money for per year. This will help the company become an investment point. Housing a number of people with different fields of interests. Our members will be marketed at both local and international level. We hope to become an investment reference company in Zambia.

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