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Randy McLaren


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Articulet Road Scholars

The rate of unemployment in Jamaica is highest among the youth population. It is also quite easy to get invloved in criminal activities when there seems to be no opportunity for advancement. Articulet Road Scholars is a programme that will help to reduce the unemployment rate among the youth population while promoting peace and love in communities. The main objectives of the Road Scholars is to empower unattached (street youths) and unemployed young people with talent and ambition. This project will focus on urban as well as young people in undeserved rural communities. We will be reducing unemployment and poverty while ensuring that young people are meaningfully engaged instead of getting caught up in deviant activities. What is innovative about this approach is the intersection of the arts, creative industries and entrepreneurship. What is also innovative about this approach is that we will go into the communities throughout the days to see where young people are wasting their days. Some will be invited to auditions and some based on recommendations but all the young people must indicate that they have goals and dreams that they are willing to work towards. Rural communities are oftentimes neglected and these communities are the source of many social issues and we plan to address these in creative ways while providing a platform for community members to be empowered and earn from whatever their talents are. Activities will range from performances in non-traditional spaces, family events and exhibitions, workshops, performance engagements, making of craft items, street art festivals, school empowerment sessions and so on. These young people will also be empowered with different skills which will include barbering, craft development.

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Articulet Survivors

Articulet Survivors started out of a need to assist the survivors of a deadly fire which took place at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional facility in 2009. We have been assisting with daily survival, paid school fees for those who now have children and looking forward to helping the young ladies go back to school and get back their lives on track after the traumatic experience. A percentage of all our bookings as well as fundraising events have helped us so far and we are restructuring to ensure sustainability and greater impact. Articulet is a Creative-Social enterprise which offers life changing, engaging and entertaining creative and cultural solutions. We combine the latest technology with creativity to entertain change at the grassroots, social, corporate and governmental levels. We do this through creative advocacy and edutainment delivered via inspired or custom made spoken word/dub poetry, theatre, music, storytelling and other visual and performing arts. We are about doing things differently so while we want to see change we understand the value of being cutting edge and fresh all the time. Street Theatre is one form which allows us to perform in non-traditional spaces and to engage target audiences in their own space. We plan and execute events including high impact social intervention programmes and behaviour change communication campaigns. We also aim to provide opportunities for exposure to young talents and young people in general as we know the importance of exposure to personal development. We aim to empower young people through the arts to make them employable or able to establish their own means of survival especially in but not limited to the creative industries.

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