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fields of expertise

Communication, counselling, leadership and entrepreneurship.

I´m constantly looking for

Assistance especially in terms of vehicles to provide with supplying my satchet water for easier access to consumers.

My profile

Name: Irene Ockrah-Anyim

Age: 27

Marital status: single

Number of children: 1

Educational background: MPhil in leadership, Bsc. Sports and exercise science

Working Background: owner of peace villa water depot, customer service advisor at Millicom Ghana, Exercise science counsellor at Narh bita hospital and personal assistant to deputy director general of national sports authority, Ghana.

Others: Organising secretary for women’s commission committee; GRASAG- UPSA chapter, class president for MPhil in leadership 2014/2015 academic batch, volunteer for brass ring media.

Philosophy: In everything you do, you have to believe in yourself first or else, you will never succeed.

Vision: To create an environment where problems are seen as stepping stones instead of obstacles.

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