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Leadership, Financial analysis and negotiation skills

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Great networks, successful enterprises to benchmark from and succesful business leaders and donors.

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I would like the center to know me as a versatile business leader who is a fast learner that is willing to always adopt to change from time to time. I would also like to be known for my confidence levels, a trait that I have possessed since I was young. I have never been afraid of challenges and interviews and this particularly helped me to rise through the ranks at school and workplaces. This is evidenced by my ability to hold two portfolios of Class leader and speaker for my cultural group while at the university. When I joined the professional world, I would be assigned duties beyond my daily tasks because of my versatility and high levels of confidence. I am equally passionate about rural development, especially for the youth. I like hands on involvement of myself in different projects and that is the main reason that inspired me to rally some young people with similar desires to form the Rural Empowerment and Skilling Network.
I have participated in the development and distribution of a management software called “Mermidon” with several modules for Accounting, Human Resource management, Document management and others to encourage accountability in Government and the private sector. I have also participated in writing about the inequality and social challenges facing the people in the community through the Newspapers. In this regard, I submitted letters to the “New Vision” which is the national paper of Uganda addressing issues of land conflicts, poor leadership and unemployment of the youth. The one of unemployment of the youth was selected as the letter of the day of 02nd November 2019. I have therefore the ability to use any available platforms to advocate for change and development.

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bruno namisi