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I like team work ,volunteerism and singing

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I need finances to buy enough food for people in exchange for plastics! In my home country kenya millions of people survive on less than a dollar per day and getting a three meal everyday becomes a challenge!

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My name is Sarah ,.Im 19years of age and a kenyan citizen.I enrolled in primary education and finished in 2013 and awarded a certificate of primary education.I later enrolled to secondaryin 2014 and completed in 2017 having passed through form 1-4.
In 2018 i took a gap year and sorted for employment in a primary school known as Twinkids in my home area in Embakasi .I joined Tje Kabete National Polytechnic where im still pursuing a certificate course in Social work and comminity development.
I volunteered in the Kenya Cancer awareness on the 19th of september 2019 which advocated for cancer awareness ,screening and celebrating lives of victims who succumbed.i love singing and Group work..