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Climate Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Agriculture

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Founder and executive director of Ritma Green (www.ritma-green.com), I have a strong background and interest in food security, climate change, social entrepreneurship, and SME development. Working at the grass-root level, I used to work as a field facilitator for agriculture-based company, consultant for his agriculture-based Business Development Service (BDS) provider, a consultant on agriculture and SME development, and NGO worker on environmental issues. While working as part-time English teacher, in 2005 I initiated my first BDS provider facilitating Access to Finance (A2F), Access to Market (A2M), and Access to Technology (A2T) for smallholder maize farmers partnering with world bank’ PENSA project. To transform the BDS work into social enterprise, I established Ritma Green in 2013 where as the director, i’m in charge of business development particularly funding and investor relations together with customer acquisition. I had received some fellowships for short courses abroad covering topics like climate change, agri-entrepreneurship, and community development.

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Aqdar Maskur