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WaterPurifier is a partnership enterprise that provides eco-friendly Solar Water Pasteurizer - to purify surface water by using solar power and Rainwater Collector to collect clean rain water to ensure safe drinking water throughout the year. It collects raw materials such as Plastic Foam, Black cloth, Polypropylene bag, PVC sheet and other elements from the local suppliers. Then, it processes the raw materials to get final product. WaterPurifier serves as safe drinking water facilitator, helps to purify water; costs only $6 per family consisting of 5 members per year ; contributes to have easy access of safe drinking water. It aims to supply sustainable Solar Water Pasteurizer and Rainwater Collector to the nearly 32 million safe water insecure people of Bangladesh at low cost. Furthermore, it focuses on women empowerment through employing deprived poor women in production and sales agent. Hence, we have developed unique business model called women Partnership where women share profit based on sales. WaterPurifiers target market lies in the rural regions of Bangladesh. WaterPurifier will use two-branched distribution channels- 1st channel: through Women partnership and 2nd channel: through Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), specifically Grameen Bank and BRAC to supply product to target market. WaterPurifier is committed to achieving four Millennium Development Goals, 1) Combating Poverty & Hunger, 2) Child mortality rate 2) Gender Equality and 3) Environmental Sustainability By creating and offering an affordable, unique solar water pasteurizer and rainwater collector that will aid over 32 million safe drinking water-insecure people.

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