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Robert Saunt


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Game Blox-The next generation of video games controllers

I chose to investigate games controllers, when I found out the amount of materials needed to make controllers for each individual console and that the cost for controllers has skyrocketed over the past 5 years. The goal of my project became a games controller which could be used with different consoles! I decided to implement a 2.4 GHz transmitter. Currently all of the current consoles use the same 2.4 GHz connection. In order to use one controller on several consoles it needed to have a small slot in the front of the controller in order to have an interchangeable transmitter which I have called The Central Hub I calculated that such a controller could be used on 5 or more of the major games consoles and could save up to 80% of the total materials needed for manufacturing games controllers! I designed the device in 3D and then exported it as a .STL file. This allowed me to print it using a 3D printer. Then in order to see if my design would work I needed to consult an expert, he said that the design would work and is easy to manufacture. I used my PCB to test it on the individual consoles and it worked. My circuit also included a speaker in order to allow the player to wirelessly stream music from their device to the controller, for this I obtained PCB software. The final design included moving the speakers to the top of the controller.

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