June 7, 2020 07:09

This great one. Witg the goals and vision with your project one can be of you because in some countries they provide little or no help support to the eldery and people with diseasea like heartdiseases bt with your project idea its going to save lives.

June 7, 2020 07:05

This great idea of where you have set to change and help economic and health standards of your country where by also with your objectives are really worth your project greatlh fine and am intrested in being aparnter to also to help my country with your project

Comment on: Preventing pandemics
June 7, 2020 06:59

This great project and with its vision to change the face of the world with Forecasting any pandemic which can arose. And aswell sensitizing the masses about it, and providving help through your project. Greatly intrested in your work of the project

June 7, 2020 06:52

Mr.emma this is a great project to get to cater for all people with a right of electricty in their homes with that idea to provide cheap power to your people. As electricty now in the world is a great thing to have as a way of living and sustaining of lives. Great one

June 7, 2020 06:48

Really greag project on the run .and supporting small business through providing mentoring and support its a superb thing to help them grow and also help them to take a good strategy for them inorder to achive their goals. Well

Comment on: Curriculum Vitae
June 7, 2020 06:38

I have found it great in your project and always Education is the fine gift one gets, with all the quality tools and teaching its great one.
Keep doing your good project on education and i know you will acheive your goals in it

June 7, 2020 06:34

This is a great project to change the especially the segments you are targeting, to have hope and brighter future becausing having to own a home,house is a great thing,so how will they able to save up their money for their future home.