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Electrical Engineering, Matlab Simulations, Multisim Simulation, Codebolcks, MS Office

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I am a Final year engineering undergrad, majoring in Electrical, at the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology. I am studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power. I expect to graduate this upcoming October 2018.
I had a strong foundation since high school days, obtained 83 percentage in my high school examinations. Throughout my years in high school, I have remained consistent on my academics and was also engaged in many kinds of healthy activities such as sports, debates and presentations.
I selected my field of life to be Electrical Engineer and got enrolled in Bachelors program in Electrical Engineering. I am passionate about electrical engineering because it is one of the vast field that covers concepts from computer engineering and other different fields.
Throughout my bachelors, I have taken a rigorous curriculum and maintained a good grade point average (4.00/4.00 CGPA 3rd Year Bachelors). I actively participated in many healthy programs such as different technical workshops, engineering competitions, conferences, seminars and
professional development trainings.
During the course of my bachelors, I also managed to acquire five Internships. I had privilege of working for Pakistan International Airlines, Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Limited, National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited, Jamshoro Power Company Limited, Sukkur Electric Power Company as an Engineering Internee, where I learned valuable professional skills such as computer aided engineering, field performance that could help me in my professional career.
My further educational aspirations consist of acquiring a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering science at the one of the advanced institute of the world that would assist me in pursuing a successful career as an Engineer.

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Rohit Kumar Sachdewani