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My project is aimed at eliminating road traffic accidents in Cameroon considering that about 2500-3500 road traffic deaths are recorded each year. I am developing a safesteering kit/app that sounds out road traffic codes and rules. So i hope to reduce blood mud on Cameroon highways.

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I am NSHING ROONEY age 25, .Geology student at the University of Yaounde 1. Safety and Health professional online from Oshacademy. From the English part of Cameroon but can also speak, read and write the French Language fluently. Founder of safesteering in Cameroon which is aimed at reducing road traffic accidents. An additional advantage that I underwent fleet safety program that strongly guided me on bringing up a project like safesteering. Working closely with driving schools gives me the best eyes to start seeing light at the end of lengthy tunnels. Co founders ideas are what created safesteering not only my breath and strength could have digged out safesteering.

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Nshing Rooney


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