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natural understanding of human psychology and problems related to it, problem solving ability, think out of box, good consulting aptitude, balanced logical and emotional thought process, Multidimensional approach in understanding a client, provide accurate solution to every big problem, optimistic, conquest challenges, believe in growth and happiness, and most important I AM HOPEFUL.

I´m constantly looking for

People from different part of the world who are interested in my journey and to work for the cause, Resources, investment and Exposure to different structures of the society of every nation to build & work this help line worldwide, volunteers or employees who are ready to take training and work according to it with enthusiasm and sincerity.

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I am a normal girl who wishes to bring a big good change in this world. It seems a very difficult task for many but I believe in myself and am very much hopeful about it. That one day I will achieve it.
I don’t get any award or recognition but I have successfully helped many people with coming out from their depression and they started to live happily again.