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I am a literature enthusiast; I read a lot and write as much.

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Talented and ambitious young people, especially those of school going age. I am also on the lookout for capital, I have used crowdfunding to raise awareness and funds. The experience has been eye opening and will lead to better success in this later. Publishing is rather complicated and expensive in Zimbabwe, I am therefore making contacts in the South African industry to find publishing houses and transporters.

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My name is Rufaro Jarati, I am 17 years old and I live in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have been involved in culturally inclined extracarricular activities for as long as I remember and with considerable success. I have participated in the Allied Arts Festival throughout all my high school years and I have recieved multiple awards in poetry, original poetry, news reading and speech. I am also something of a musician. I was captain of my school bridge team, junior quiz team and deputy captain for debate. I was also a founding member of a school publication in 3rd form. I achieved close to perfect grades for my O’ levels and am currently pursuing A’ levels. As a person, I have lived a pretty normadic life and have changed schools a lot, that has had a profound effect on my personality. I make friends quickly and socialise a lot but i also read a lot as a mechanism of both education and entertainment. I hope to educate and entertain others in the same way, through both this magazine and my own personal literary works. I have writing a collection of short stories and also a novel, progress is slow with all my school work but it is completely worth it!

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Rufaro Jarati


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Literati Club

This is an initiative for the improvement of youth opportunities in leadership, business and self-expression. Zimbabwe has impressive literacy figures and a fairly academically focused society, however this tends to be a very narrow and grades oriented system with lots of pressure to stay and think within the box, extracurricular Literati Clubs within schools to counter this. This is a platform for people from different schools and backgrounds to meet and be involved in activities, in an inclusive, literary, entrepreneurial, intellectual, fun and charitable environment. The organization creates an official channel to aid in accessing finance for youth projects devised by members. Members will also be involved in charitable projects, especially in conjunction with other organizations, with a focus on providing motivated and young manpower. The program is designed to foster leadership though its semi-independent school cells and to create a positive environment for ideas and all forms of creativity. Students will also choose their student leadership and come up with unified agendas at conventions. Writing and entrepreneurship lessons will also be offered by qualified professionals for a fee to everyone with interest. True to the name Literati, the masterstroke is an interschool and national publication seeking to create an outlet for all this activity. An online publication (website) will also be published to expand the readership to worldwide standards. This will be open for all genres of writing with the goal being an entertaining and educating read. Writing competitions will also be held in partnership with local newspapers and sponsors open to non-members. There will be awards at the end of each year with various awards for different categories of excellence. The goal would be to establish a system of positive reinforcement for the youth and form a well-respected organization which will produce leaders and true citizens of the world.

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