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Sami Zahra


Project Overview

Pamphlet: An app

Pamphlet will be a mobile phone app, supported by a website, that will allow all kinds of businesses to reach their target audiences by creating a simple digital pamphlet. Clients will signup on our website and create a pamphlet online for their latest promotion or offer. Then they will target people geographically. All people in that geographical location with app installed on their cell phones can see the pamphlet. App will allow the people to manage their favorite stores in a form of wish list. Once any store of their choice will send the pamphlet, they will receive the notification. Users can add or subtract stores/businesses in their list anytime. This app will be different from all other available apps for the people because it will allow users to see the entire pamphlet on their device screens. This app will allow the people to keep a close eye on what is happening in their favorite shopping stores, cafes and etc.

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