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Sabah azeez ihsan neamah


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I've been work for 3 years as a Medical Supplies representative also iam i.T manager in a private hospital ( marina Private hospital)

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My project concerns medical supplies, and I need the financial support and the import of medical supplies of high quality and efficiency to (Iraq) because there is a great shortage in the market and I hope to get the opportunity to fill the shortage in the market

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Iam engineer sabah azeez iam from iraq baghdad and iam 23 years old … now i work in a private hospital in Baghdad (marina Private hospital) also i have worked in the market for a long time, and through my experience I hope to take the opportunity to make the medical supplies project successful, and that the Iraqi market needs medical supplies such as (gauze) ، (Various types of plaster) , ( Syringes of different sizes up to 50mm) , ( face mask) , ( blue and white rubber gloves) , and ( various medical supplies needed by the Iraqi market ) ، I have a lot of ideas related to the medical field and its requirements and the needs of the market in general

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